Hugh’s Offended People and Politics (You’re Doing it Wrong)

This quote that was posted on my wall today by a friend and it’s true..

“It’s now very common to hear people say ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

– Stephen Fry.

Humans are designed to disagree. It’s in our nature and arguably having such diverse views in general is one of the main reasons we have evolved into a superior species. To this day democracy works, at least when done properly. The majority vote, should decide the political future for that nation. This is obviously trollsfrustrating for any individual whose view is the least popular one. Regardless, the way that individuals conduct themselves on political matters, is appalling. Too many people argue with emotion and not facts, then scream “offended” when they mean “disagree.”

Personally I refuse to be labelled as anything. This does sound like I’m sitting on the political fence but what is wrong with cherry picking from the left and right winged view? I take pride in having an open mind and not letting alternative facts sway my understanding. I am deeply troubled and concerned, about the way in which politics is now being argued, and it’s getting worse.

Why is it that people tend to have such an aggressive, self centered and arrogant way of putting their point across? If you disagree with somebody you should debate, educate whilst keeping an open mind regarding the other persons point of view. (You never know, they could have a point.) Politics is more than an intellectual mind set. For a lot of people, it’s simply a result of being influenced or alternatively, it’s a personal, emotional thing with no logic whatsoever. What is evident however, is that when somebody disagrees with what has been said, they accuse their opponent of being racist, prejudiced, fascist, a terrorist sympathiser, offensive etc. They play the shame game. I will admit that I have used one or two of these names in a debate to simply trigger somebody who has cast the first stone and I admit that is probably wrong. Of course there are racists and fascists out there, and genuinely offensive material but what I find in a lot of debates is that these names are only used when the accuser is losing the argument. It’s somehow an attempt to shame and label in a weak and idiotic attack to strengthen their side.

People do not want to be called these things, especially if its far from the truth. It really is a shameful, unintelligent and disgusting way to argue your case. A few weeks back I posted a political status on my private Facebook wall. It was pro Conservative to a certain degree, however from somebody who NEVER posts anything political, I thought it would be entertaining to see what the highly defensive Labour supporters would say. The result was me being accused of being an offensive, violent, abusive, woman bashing paedophile lover! I had to block two people for taking things too far and I never block people. Anybody who knows me will appreciate I am none of these and that the status did not justify such a wild and idiotic response. People read what they don’t like and when they get angry they start shouting names and labelling people because they think it makes them look smarter and more superior. It doesn’t… but it’s bad news for everybody.


I can tell you right now that the situation will only get worse with the next generation coming up. Labelling and name calling, will make your opponent stronger, not weaker and this type of politics is cancerous. You are not going to change anybodies view by giving them abuse and insisting you are offended… They will either;

A – Give you abuse back.

and / or

B – They’ll just keep their views to themselves and vote for who they damn well please.

In my opinion, when somebody starts dropping insults, they’ve lost the argument, regardless of whether they are left or right wing.

So my tip.. if you resort to calling people shit in a debate, you’ve lost. If you’re still passionate about how you feel or you’re offended but can’t think of another way to argue your point, go away, educate yourself and come back with a stronger argument with facts.

If you are being accused unnecessarily by one of these crusaders, don’t even debate with them. You’ll only just get angry and lower yourself to their level.. where I found myself in the past.

And that’s it! Hope you’ve enjoyed and have a great week. Stay safe. HV


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