Hugh’s How We Are All Being Ripped off Daily

We have all noticed it when visiting the supermarket. That chocolate bar you swear was twice the size ten years ago but only at half the price, or even that bag of crisps that seems to contain 70% oxygen.. Here is my list of rip-offs that we all still buy. You never know, I may be able to save you a pretty penny here. – Enjoy


1) Sun Cream – This is a strange one to start off with but yes, if you are buying sun cream the chances are you’re being ripped off.Sun burn The reason being is that the stronger the SPF the more expensive the product is. However what they don’t want you to know is that it costs them the same amount to make SPF – 4 strength cream then it does SPF – 60. But nearly all companies double the price of a stronger cream just because they can. I still suggest you wear sun cream, but I also expect you to grumble next time you pick up the strong stuff.


2) Cinemas – We have all been there, when your heart sinks and you get angry when the cashier tells you that your popcornAngry, coke and M&Ms will cost you the same amount as a relatively decent tattoo. This one isn’t so much the fault of the movie theater as it is of movie executives with fat wallets. Cinemas have to give up nearly 70% of your ticket price to Hollywood. To make up for that they have to charge 23 million times more for the popcorn, drinks and sweets.


3) Meat – Vegetarians can skip this one. The cost of meat is determined by its weight. right? correct.. However, the majority Raining Meatof companies do something called “Plumping.” This is where they deliberately inject water into the meat, making it heavier and more valuable. In many cases a whole chicken can have up to 30% added water that YOU are paying extra for……and it’s completely legal.


4) Premium Fuel – Ever thought;

“ Hey, I received a good bonus this month! Might as well fill up my Ford Mondeo with Premium Fuel to give my car a treat.”

If you have, next time don’t bother. Unless your performance car specifically states that premium fuel is required then you are completely Petrol fightwasting your money. Premium fuel may have helped a car’s performance and cleaned it’s engine years ago but now technology has advanced so much that standard engines simply do not need this fuel. But you won’t hear the petrol companies telling you this…. Wonder why!


5) Beer – Not only in Britain are we taxed to a criminal standard for a product that probably costs the brewery about 3p to Sad drinkmake per pint, but now there’s a new trick that pubs are introducing. Next time you’re at the bar check that you have an officially approved CE mark on the pint glass, because the chances are you will come across a pub that is serving you 2/3 of a beer for the price of a pint. They look like normal pint glasses but they’re thicker, ripping you off.


6) Branded Painkillers – While in some industries generic brands really are lower quality, in the case of medicationPills companies are legally required to use the exact same chemical composition in their “branded” versions. That means that Advil is 100% exactly the same as generic ibuprofen. There is not one difference except for the label and the price.


7) Crisps – I genuinely refuse to eat crisps because I won’t to pay for a bag of oxygen. Crisp companies justify not even Crispsfilling the back halfway by saying that the extra nitrogen keeps them fresh. However I feel they’ve gone a bit too far and often when you see the 25% extra free on the bag, it’s 25% extra bull shit.. Nothing more.


8) Gender Specific Products. For example – disposable razors and moisturiser creams. For women these can be quite expensive, happy ladyhowever by changing the colour of the razers and the design of the package you can get up to 20% off the price by purchasing the men’s equivalent. And there is absolutely no difference in the product apart from the design. If it don’t put you off using a blue disposable razors instead of a pink one then this is a no-brainer.


9) Water – The idea that companies are somehow bottling pure mystical mountain water run through filters constructed by elves is garbage. WaterAs several sources have pointed out, almost every major brand bottles municipal tap water. And yes, that comes with the flouride and other goodies. What you are buying for £1.20 you can drink at home for a tenth of a penny.


10) Funerals – It’s not too often that funerals get mentioned in the same sentence as rip offs, probably because no one wants to Funaralcomplain about how expensive it was to bury their loved one. At an average price of £5000 though, that’s an awful lot for a hole, a rock, and a 20 minute car ride.


And that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed my list. Stay Safe. HV


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