Hugh’s List of Stupid, Rude but Comical British Place Names.

I’m actually sat in a lovely hotel restaurant in Dorset, overlooking a beautiful picturesque bay. There is a man adjacent to me tapping away at his MacBook, with philosophy books and in-depth mathematical ramblings scattered around him. He keeps pausing and inquisitively looking out to sea, making sure that everybody in the restaurant notices how intelligent and deep he is before ploughing back into his novel. I am also sat here alone with my laptop, updating this blog looking equally as pretentious.. But I’m giggling at my own stupid rude jokes whilst trying to come up with something funny for Minge Lane.

Just made me smile and thought this was worth a mention… Enjoy.


Fanny Barks

1) Fanny Barks, Durham – Next door to Cock Meows and Anus Mooing.

Bell End
2) Bell End, Worcestershire – Where did you think Worcestershire Sauce came from?

Brown Willy
3) Brown Willy, Cornwall – You should have seen what came up when I tried to google an image of this place! I hope my wife doesn’t look at my search history.

Cocking Fuckborough
4) Cocking Fuckborough. West Sussex – There are some cocks who live near fucking Cocking Fuckborough!


Twatt 2
5) Twatt, Orkney – I also know a few girls that have come from Twatt.

Fanny Hands Lane
6) Fanny Hands Lane, Ludford. – It’s abit like Jazz Hands but you don’t wanna be near this person when he or she’s doing it!

Sandy Balls 2
7) Sandy Balls, New Forest. – Probably the most famous on the list.. but still cracks a smile when you talk about it.

Minge Lane
8) Minge Lane, Worcestershire – Why does Worcestershire have all the dirtiest names? I’ve used my best joke on this county already!!


Nob End, South Lancashire
9) Nob End, South Lancashire – It’s actually a small street with a large rounded cul-de-sac at the end.


Turkeu Cock Lane
10) Turkley Cock Lane – Gobble, gobble..


And there you are! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and look out for my American rude place name blog in the future. Stay Safe – HV.


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