Hugh’s List of Stupid Rude but Comical US Place Names.


Horneytown, North Carolina

1) Horneytown, North Carolina – I would hate to be the Mayor of Horneytown. How the hell could you ever describe what you do for a living at a bar without sounding like a colossal pervert?

Spunky Puddle, Ohio

2) Spunky Puddle, Ohio – Apparently Salt Lake City was taken.

Climax, Minnesota

3) Climax, Minnesota –  As much as I try I can never get a girl to come here.


Dutch Oven Ln Mesquite

4) Dutch Oven Ln Mesquite. Looking on Google Street View this place looks like something out of Breaking Bad.. I guess there would be a lot of crime here as the Police refused to go undercover.



5) Loveladies, New Jersey – Adjacent to Hatemen, New Jersey.


Cumming, Georgia

6) Cumming, Georgia – Twinned with Climax


Hooker, Oklahoma

7) Hooker, Oklahoma – It’s REALLY easy to get in.. but you have to pay.



8) Bobs Knob, Missouri – It may seem like a romantic gesture. But If you ever have the chance to name a town, never ask your wife to name it after the first thing that comes to mind.

French Lick, Indiana

9) French Lick, Indiana – This place is not to everyone’s taste.



10 ) Gayville, South Dakota – Everyone is very friendly here, but there are a lot of French bulldogs and their Police force are right bitches.


And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and I’m hoping to do a Canadian and Australian place names blog soon.  Stay safe – HV


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