Hugh’s Pictures That Will Make You Go “WTF!”

The Internet contains horrific pictures that in most cases shouldn’t exist. Some are comical, some are very creepy and others just simply wrong. Here are just a few of them. Enjoy..

Savage pooh
1) Holly Shit Pooh – The messed up teddy bear every kid will want.


2) Turkey Twizzler  – She looks like she is badly holding in a fart.
3) Baby Alien Chicken – Mummy wanted their son to go as a chicken to the Halloween party. Daddy knows  that chickens aren’t scary, but daddy had an idea.
4) The Hardest Race – I guess it beats cockfighting.
5) Why? – Isn’t the guy in the middle out of Wayne’s world?
6) Dinners Ready Kids – Not entirely sure what’s going on here but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be legal.
7) Crab Hat – The best hat to wear at a wedding to guarantee the attention is on you.
8) Photo Dog – Imagine waking up to this face every morning! It would make my day before it had even started
9) Hobo Po – They really have gone downhill.
10) Catch of the Day – This fish makes Jaws look adorable.
11) Chair enough! Because what else will you fill the gap with?
12) Live long and Prosper – I can’t help but feel that this was his idea.
13) Toilet Toes – That will teach you for being.


And that is it! I hope you’ve enjoyed these pics. Stay Safe – HV


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