Hugh’s Reasons Why Rugby is better than Football.

I woke up this morning thinking “I know what my blog needs! A bit of controversy.” but I’m not quite ready to get into a political debate, so I’ll attack football instead. Enjoy..Rugby 1

The Players – It would be factually incorrect if I said that there was no injury faking in rugby. Regardless it is very very rare, massively frowned upon by the players, supporters and individuals are punished for it. In fact a rugby player is much more likely to try to manipulate the referee by pretending not to be hurt.Injury Not only does it happen every 60 seconds in football but it’s expected, encouraged and even most supporters will say that it’s a tactical, strategical play. World Cup winners have been decided because somebody has jumped up in the air at the right time and cried at the right moment. It’s true what they say; Football player will spend 90 minutes pretending to be hurt where a rubgy player will pretend for 80 minutes that they’re not. I cringed every time I see a football player fall to the ground, screaming and holding his face in his hands like he had just witnessed his wife and children being executed, only to get up 3 seconds later with on issues when the free kick or penalty has been awarded. It’s pathetic and the definition of unsportsman like behaviour.

The Respect – Anybody who knows of rugby will know that even the most shite Football this respect.decision from a referee is respected. Even when players do dispute a decision they respectfully approach the referee and refer to him as “Sir”. If the decision is final you thank him and return to the game. Every game of football you will see nearly every decision the referee makes players swarm around him in an animated protest shouting, swearing and cursing with very rarely any consequence, which is always a nice lesson for your kids to learn.

Internationals – The importance of internationals in football is rapidly diminishing whereas in rugby they are the absolute pinnacle for players and fans alike. Nothing unites a nation like a major rugby international. Also unlike England Football Team, England Rugby teams (be it – Rugby League, Union, Women’s or sevens) are major competitors on an International level.

France v England - International Match

The Supporters – Rugby fans are a great bunch, we all seem capable of getting along even in the biggest of games without the need for Football hOOa hefty security presence. The fact that even in the most competitive games opposition fans are able to sit next to one another without segregation only helps improve the good natured banter. I even sat next to a Welshman once whilst watching Wales beat England in a rather important World Cup game and we still managed to agree with each other on so many levels, drink beer and have a laugh without punching the living shit out of each other. A Welshman for god sake!

Everybody is Welcome –  Rugby is literally designed for anyone. There are so many different skill sets that a single build could Rugby Familynot dominate. Skinny good-looking lads who are looking for glory or fat ugly bastards that are just there for a good ruck.. It really doesn’t matter. Rugby truly is an all-inclusive game and there will always be a spot on a team for anybody.


Rugby Players like to laugh –  Let’s face it, as a sport rugby doesn’t take itself too seriously. We continuously take the piss outrugby funny of ourselves and remember the reasons why the players are playing and the supporters are supporting. Rugby truly is a great game but where would we be if we couldn’t take the piss out of one another.



The Team – In every game of rugby I have ever played the team around me have push Womens rugbyme through to the very end. Anybody who has played rugby will know that if you give your all the last 15 minutes can be hell. But everybody on your team supports each other and on all levels you have to be close to your colleagues to be able to produce a fantastic result. Excellent communication and support can be the difference of winning and losing a game.


Pride – We might be shit at singing and dancing but when it comes to showing pride in the shirt we give our all during the national anthem or haka!Pride Can you say the same about football players? Every time you see a rugby team sing their national anthem they shout hard with a tear in their eye. The last international game of football that I saw England play, not one player looked moderately interested in the nations anthem and seemed more concerned at how they looked on camera. Regardless, a player who dives and fakes injury by screaming and crying to cheat the ref cannot walk off the pitch with there heads held high. Shit they don’t even deserve to have self-respect.


The Role Models –  This is probably the biggest point that justifies why Rugby is better than football. Kids play rugby these days and they learn so many important life lessons. That sometimes you need to be tough, sometimes you need to be smart, sometimes decisions goes against you and you’ve just got to pick yourself out of the mud, start again and try harder. Any supporter that goes to a Rugby Premier League game will often watch their heroes play rugby, have a chance to run around on the pitch and often have their pictures taken with the players who genuinely appreciate their support. They learn discipline, courage and most important of all, respect. Over the years these lessons have been lost in football and teach kids the complete opposite. Their football heros are more often than not grossly overpaid, spoil, disrespectful people that cheat on the field and act like they’re Gods off if it. football do no deserve the respect and support that it still has…. But hey, that’s just my view.

young supporters


And that’s it! If you completely disagree let me know why! And if you enjoyed please let me know. Stay Safe – HV


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