Hugh’s Conspiracy ( 9/11 Part 1 – Flight 93 – The Plane That Didn’t Crash.)

This 9/11 series will be published in four separate parts.

  1. Flight 93 ( The Plane That Didn’t Crash.)
  2. The Pentagon ( The Government Building That Was Not Hit by an Aircraft.)
  3. The Twin Towers (The three skyscrapers that collapse from a controlled demolition.)
  4. 9/11 Is bullshit – The reasons why.

Part 1 ( Flight 93 – The plane that didn’t crash.)

What if I were to tell you that there was absolutely no evidence to suggest that a plane crashed in that field on the 11/09/2001? Infact there is overwhelming evidence to suggest the total opposite. Here are just some;

  1. Not one person witnessed the plane going down –  Okay, I appreciate that the plane supposedly crashed in a very rural area. Despite this there are small towns all around the alleged crash site so somebody must’ve seen the plane, right? Anybody
    Flight 93 - crash site 2
    United 93 crash site

    who has been to an airport or has witnessed a jet flyover their head will appreciates how deafeningly loud these things are. People would’ve had more than enough time to hear the jet engines screaming as the United 93 flight plummeted towards the Earth.

  2. There was no plane at the crash site – When the people of Shanksville (a local town) went to the crash site after hearing the explosion they were all perplexed. They had been informed by authorities and the media that a Boeing 757 had crashed into the ground in the nearby field. However all the locals could see was a hole in the ground surrounded by grass fires and unidentifiable bits of tiny debris. Not one part of the plane could be seen. Not one body, not one chair.. nothing…. Just a hole in the ground. History shows that when ever a plane crashes into the ground, despite its size always breaks up on impact, leaving large pieces of plane parts scattered all over the area. Because the tail is in most cases the last part to hit the ground

    the rear is almost every time in tact after a crash. That’s why they store the black boxes at the back of the plane. This was clearly not the case on this day. The government explanation for this is that the plane crashed into the ground so quickly that it buried itself under the Earth. The only evidence to back up this claim are pictures that the FBI released five years later of the small section the plane no bigger that a few feet wide and an engine part they dug out of the ground (Pictured above) . That’s it! A 100 ton Boeing 757 somehow buries itself, not into soft mud, but the hard ground and that’s all they can show us… not likely.Flight 93 crash comparason

  3. There was no jet fuel – Every plane crash investigator will tell you that at every crash site there is the overwhelming smell of jet fuel that can be smelt from miles around. It’s an unmistakable stench that was not present at this crash site. There is no current explanation from the American Government or FBI.
  4. Conflicting information – In the investigation the Government’s explanation for the shape and size of the crash site was that the plane must have hit the grown vertically.  However this conflicts the information by the NTSB flight path explaining that the aircraft hit the ground at a 45° angle. Also at the crash site it’s clear that there is a large hole in the ground with a thin trench running through the middle. This trench, the investigation team confirmed, is where the wings crashed into the dirt and also buried themselves.
    Flight 93 - Crash Site
    The trench that runs through the middle of the crash site was not coursed by a plane

    This is also false information as Google have released pictures of the field prior to 2001 and the trench has always been there… So the plane must have folded it’s wings into its body, before burying  itself… makes sense.

  5. Where is the plane now? – According to government officials 95% of the aircraft was excavated from this hole. If this was the case where is it now? Every time a controversial accident happens the aircraft is reconstructed in a hanger as part of a standard investigation. Why wasn’t this done for United 93? Given the controversy from the lack of debris this would have been the perfect way to put all the conspiracy theorists to rest. All we are told is that all parts of the plane were taken by the FBI, never to be seen again.

    Lockerbie plane crash wreck
    The reconstructed remains of Pan Am flight 103 lie in a warehouse. This is a standard process for flight investigations. Not for flight 93 though.  
  6. The Smoke – When an aircraft crashes to the ground there is usually an initial explosion followed by a think plume of black smoke. The crash site continues to pump this thick black smoke into the air for hours after the crash until the jet fuel has burnt away. Video footage of the alleged crash shows an initial small mushroom cloud followed by pretty much nothing, again suggesting there was no jet fuel. 
  7. The passengers – There is a lot of mystery and a lot of questions surrounding the passengers of United 93. From their ability to use their mobile phones to how scripted and unemotional the calls sounded. Listening to a few of the recordings there is one thing that is clearly absent. The high-pitched whining from the jet engines which the mobile microphones would have almost definitely pick up. However the phone calls sound like they are taken in a quiet room. There is also speculation and evidence that some of the passages named were not only never on the flight but some not even existing. I invite you to check this out as it would take me a long time to list every issue.

So it is clear that there are still a lot of unanswered questions despite this happening nearly 2 decades ago. There are many things that the government can do to convince and silence any conspiracy theory, but they can’t / wont. They can release the information from the black box which they refused to do to this day. They can show more than two vague pictures of parts of the plane or they can simply answer many of the questions which have been raised. However this is what we do know..

  1. A missile was fired – Before the people of Shanksville heard the explosion there have been many reports of an electrical surge within their homes and workplaces seconds prior. Many people explained that their

    TV switched on and off and lights flickered everywhere in the town at the same time. When a missile is fired from an aircraft a radar frequency is sent out seconds before a missiles is launched, this caused an electrical surge that affected nearby homes and businesses. To back up this claim a lot of locals explained that they heard a strange noise before the initial explosion that was not an aircraft. A few of the locals that are Vietnam veterans recognise what they described as the unforgettable the sound of a missile. This suggests the possibility that a missile either shot down United 93 or even a missile was fired directly into the ground in an attempt to fool the world that an airplane had crashed there. ( That would explain all of the above )

  2. The Unknown aircraft – A small white jet was witnessed by a few locals flying around the crash site minutes BEFORE and after the explosion. The FBI explained that it is standard protocol for this jet  to fly over crash sites to feed information back to HQ. However witnesses are adamant that the aircraft was flying around the sides before the aircraft came down, even with one local who had retired from the Air force explaining that plane flew directly towards the Sun after the explosion which is a common tactic for pilot that do not want to be seen from the ground by eyewitnesses.
  3. Lack of Proof – There is no proof to suggest that terrorists boarded the plane or that they were ever in the cockpit. This also with the fact that the alleged terrorist could not have flown the plane in the fashion that he supposedly did. He practically failed flight school and could not have flown the 757 in the way he allegedly did. Also.. still.. there is NO proof whatsoever that the plane crashed into the field.

I have not had enough time to detail every item I wanted to, however, I want to finish this off by listing the simple questions that the FBI and the American Government fail to answer to date.

  1. Explain how most of an aircraft weighing a 100 tonnes can bury itself very deep underground in a hole that closed itself up before the first responders arrived?
  2. Since the plane is supposed to have hit the ground in one piece can you explain how it was possible for debris to be found 6 to 8 miles from the crash site on a day when only a light breeze was blowing?
  3. Since they were only 20 minutes away from Washington and for almost 6 minutes the passengers had been unable to enter the cockpit, why didn’t the hijackers continue flying towards the capital?
  4. And even if they thought they couldn’t make it to Washington why didn’t they try to crash the plane into a small town nearby? Why crashed the plane into an empty field where they knew they could not kill any more victims than those who were already on the plane with them?
  5. Why can’t the government release images of the plane?
  6. Why can’t the government released the black box recorders?
  7. How did passports and travel documents evidencing people who had called their families on the flight before the crash survive but chairs, bodies and luggage was allegedly vaporised?
  8. Despite recognising the existence of the small white jet witnessed prior to the crash, why can’t they explain the reasons why it was there before the crash?
  9. How can you explain the electrical surge along with the sound of the missal being fired prior to the explosion?




And that’s it? Do you believe that 9/11 was a cover-up or are you still convinced that there was no foul play on that day as far as the American government are concerned? Please let me know your thoughts and look for Part 2 (The Pentagon.) coming up next…Stay safe – HV





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