Hugh’s Movie Moments That Scared The Crap Out Of Me As A Child.

First of all, not every movie on this list was meant for the eyes of children. Although a concerning amount were made for that very reason! These are moment in my childhood that scarred me for life! And I’m hoping that some of you went through the same ordeal. Enjoy!

Indiana Jones and The Last of The Crusade – Who didn’t love Indiana Jones growing up? My Nan used to have it on VHS and whenever Indiana JonesI would visit it would often get put on the TV. However towards the end there is a scene which I’m still receiving therapy for and would often chicken out and not watch. This scene is where the character Walter Donovan sips from the wrong cup and ages hundreds of years within seconds. The graphic details as the guy melts and decomposes within seconds is really something that child shouldn’t have see. However I’m pretty sure most kids born in the 80s couldn’t resist.

BFG – Most people’s favorite story from the classic Roald Dahl. No, I’m referring to the 1989 movie, starring the legend, David Jason, not that diabolical abomination that was released in 2016. This is another film that again BFGI would watch over and over. I would be caught up in the story, taking in every part of the adventure….. Until we are introduced to the other 9 other giants. I mean for God sake this is a kids story and the names of these giants are Fleshlumpeater, Bloodbottler, Manhugger, Meatdripper, Childchewer, Butcher Boy, Maidmasher, Bonecruncher and Gizzardgulper. Holy Shit!! These things ate children whilst they slept, and profusely drolled when they could smell a kids around. Going into graphic details as to what they would do when they caught one. The design of these creatures was purely made to make any nine-year-old child dive behind the sofa.

Stephen King’s IT 1989 Movie. Now I appreciate this is not a children’s film. But I can guarantee that most kids born in the 80s would’ve sat down and watch this at some point in their childhood, having their innocence taken away fromIT them and I was not an exception. I’ve still to this day not watch the film right to the end. It must’ve been on TV quite a lot as I remember sitting down and watching up to the part with the blood cover tricycle and where the clowns face appears from the drain.. I would then be like ” No, no ,no .no. no!!” quickly turning the channel over. I remember attempting to watch it a few times ending with the same result. I’ve never actually gotten round to watching the film as an adult but would like to watch it before the new film releases this year.

Ernest Scared Stupid –  I don’t know if many kids watch this film in the UK. But this was a film that was always on the TV growing up in the early 90s. Unlike some on this list this was actually for kid. Staring the Late Jim Varney Troll( The guy who voiced Slinky the Dog in Toy Story and Toy Story 2 .) This comedy film was about a man called Ernest who accidentally released a “Tranto” into a town on Halloween. A Trantor is a demonic troll who transforms children into wooden dolls to feast upon their energy. This film is as stupid as it sounds. However, the design of the troll and a few jump scares were actually petrifying for a  child. A scene in particular where are child looks under the bed looking for trolls before realising that the Tranto was actually sat next to them. The creature gave me nightmares and would actually make me feel sick watching it.

The Dark Crystal – I really feel that I don’t need to explain this one. Shit, it gives me the creeps now! I mean just look at it! Whenever given DC2the option to watch this or the Labyrinth, I would always pick the David Bowie classic! This film is clearly designed to freak children out and they done a pretty good job.. I mean look at them!! WTF!!



Watership Down  – Admittedly I cannot remember exactly what this film is about. But all I can recall is the famous fight scene with rabbits, which is Watership dOWNanimated in such a graphic way that made it scary and equally sad to all watching.  This was enough to at least leave an emotional scar on my brain to this day.




Alien – This is probably my favorite sci-fi film ever. With the impressive graphics of it’s time along with the rather convincing acting still aLIENmakes this a worthy film that even stands up to the standards of today. But as a child watching the famous scene where the Alien bursts through the stomach was petrifying along with the spider like thing that attaches itself to the face of his victim made this scary but addictive to watch. They do not make them like this anymore.. Scary… but sad.

Return to Oz – The 1985 sequel to the Wizard of Oz was clearly a darker story of Dorothy Gale as she returns to rescue the world of OZ a second time. WheelersI thoroughly enjoyed this film as a kid and probably enjoyed it more than the Wizard of Oz, however there were a few sofa diving moment in this as well, in the form of Wheelers. These creatures would Cackle when attempting to capture Dorothy, with their strange metal masks and wheels to move around. This would make most kids think about skipping this scene. Oh, and lets not forget the heads in the Jars!

Child’s Play – I remember one night creeping into the sitting room and putting on the TV without anybody knowing. Child’s Play was on the TV Chuckyand because it was an animated kids toy, I assumed it was a children’s program. And how wrong was I.. watching at least 50% of the film before my mother caught me was enough to do the damage and I’ve never trusted a doll since.


Tales from the Crypt – Not the animated series, the other one.. If you didn’t watch this, it was simply about a corpse that would tell scary stories. The stories them selves I never found scary but the Crypt keeper himself always gave me the creeps.



And that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this list. Stay safe – HV











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