Hugh’s List of Violent and Gory Details Disney Left Out of Their Classics

Brought up with Disney films? Then let me scar your childhood by detailing the gory and evil parts of the original stories that Disney edited out or out right changed in their versions.. enjoy.. 


Cinderella.. This story was first written by Brothers Grimm but when Disney had taking Cinderella on to be the CINDER PICnext fabulous Disney Princess they decided to edit some of the gory and violent details out of this children’s classic. To be honest the Disney version isn’t that much different. However when the ugly stepsisters try on the glass slipper, one in a desperate bid to fit into the shoe cuts off her own toes and the other cuts off her own heel.. but both were unsuccessful.. also randomly at Cinderella’s wedding, doves come down from the heavens and peck out the eyes of the two ugly sisters, leaving them both blind.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.. I think I prefer the end to the 1812 original like many on this list. First written again by Brothers Grimm the story is pretty much the same. However, with Disney’s obsession with Snow WhitePrinces smooching ladies whilst they slept (which I’m not sure is completely legal) is different from the original. The prince actually drops the glass coffin in the original version, dislodging a bit of poison apple from Snow White’s throat, waking her up. So when they get married the evil witch is invited to the wedding, unbeknown to her that it’s Snow White’s big day.. and when she arrives the witch is forced to wear red hot iron shoes and forced to dance until she’s dead. Talk about stealing the lime light!


The Little Mermaid – So our little redheaded, fishy, female friend did not lose her voice in the 1836 Danish original. Hans Christian Anderson’s version left Ariel with her voice, but the sea witch, when giving her the chance to have legs to hit on her prince, sea forminstead agreed but under the condition that every step she takes would be like walking on knife blades. Also if Ariel fails to get the Prince to fall in love with her she would be turned into sea foam. But with Disney’s obsession with making sure every story is a happy ending she succeeds. But not in the first book! She actually fails to get the Prince’s love and he runs off with another woman. Ariel attempts to kill both of them in their sleep, but decides not to at the last minute and throws herself into the ocean, instantly bursting into Sea foam.. 


Wine the pooh.. This hasn’t got so much a dark side but more of a hidden side. Although it has not been proven, it is highly speculated by professionals that all the main characters in Winnie the Pooh portray the main mental disorders. For instance….

  • Winning the Pooh –  Eating Disorder.
  • Piglet –  G.A.D (General Anxiety Disorder.)  
  • Eeyore – Obsessed with sex….. ( Only joking… Depression.)
  • Tigger – A.D.H.D ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.)
  • Rabbit – O.C.D ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Owl – Dyslexic 

A study in Canada on this cartoon came to the concussion that if the characters were real people, it’s highly likely they would be diagnosed with the above disorders, including Christopher Robin being diagnosed with Schizophrenia.




Pinocchio.. Written in 1883 by Italian Carls Collodi who clearly did not like children. He demonstrated this by creating Pinocchio in a number of shorts in newspapers. Pinocchio is not thepin lovable wooden boy who tells the odd fib but is slowly learning the lessons of life. Instead he is an example of what should happen to naughty kids if they are little bastard. Pinocchio has his legs burnt off, hung from a tree, is diced into pieces and loads more other ways the homicidal  maniac could think up. Jeremy Cricket wasn’t even his mate but more of a bad influence. So that’s the lesson, do not “always let your conscience be your guide.” because sometimes your conscience is a dick!


And that is it! if you enjoy this then please let me know and I will give you 5 more examples. This was also a request so please, if you want me to do a blog on your idea, let me know. Stay Safe – HV



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